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  • Evangelism in the Era of Social Media and Streaming Technology
    Written by Hammond Burke

    Matthew 16:15 says "He said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.'" As the world's population grows to almost 7 billion people, this command becomes ever more difficult to fulfill, yet the responsibility does not go away. If Christians are to be effective evangelists, we must begin to use all the gifts at our disposal which means embracing the potential of technology to reach the masses.

  • Broadcaster Media System
    Written by Hammond Burke

    The Church of Christ Broadcast Network - COCBN, in association with Internet Ministries, introduces the Broadcaster Media System. This broadcast platform will allow churches to stream services live, on-demand, or continuous play like TV or radio.

    The Broadcaster simplifies the process of managing and streaming audio and video content in one player. Features such as custom playlists, live streaming, eCommerce integration, on-demand audio and video, and more makes this system a perfect match for online media ministries.

    Audio and video files are managed using a content management system (CMS). This CMS allows the player to be used as either a stand-alone media player or a full blown media website for the church. The player may also be embedded into an existing website.

  • Why Use COCBN Broadcaster?
    Written by Hammond Burke
    Why Use COCBN Broadcaster?

    For over 12 years, COCBN has been developing church web technology to come up with the best, most versatile web experience for churches. Websites, streaming media, and mobile apps are now combined into a single fluid system that makes management easier. This turnkey solution allows churches to focus on ministry rather than building technology.

  • A Vision Realized
    Written by Hammond Burke
    A Vision Realized

    In 2003, I set out to establish a global broadcast network for the churches of Christ, basically with only a prayer. The Internet would be the technology that would allow this to happen. This vision was prior to video streaming sites such as Youtube or Vimeo. Most people were still using dial up Internet services. I remember walking into Best Buy and asking a sales rep "How can I attach a video camera to a computer?" Neither the computer department nor the video department could tell me.


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