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Wednesday, 20 January 2016 17:37

Why Use COCBN Broadcaster?

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For over 12 years, COCBN has been developing church web technology to come up with the best, most versatile web experience for churches. Websites, streaming media, and mobile apps are now combined into a single fluid system that makes management easier. This turnkey solution allows churches to focus on ministry rather than building technology.

In the early days of church websites, websites were static and provided limited information. The process to manage them was cumbersome, often requiring a developer. Websites for churches today need to serve several functions, including the ability to update easily. Content management, member management, online bulletins, online donations, streaming audio and video, and dynamically changing information are just some of the requirements of modern church websites.

The COCBN Broadcaster web system has answered the call of church website needs. COCBN Broadcaster can be used as a full blown web and streaming system or each feature can be used as a stand-alone service. For instance, if a church already has a website, the video player can be launched from that website. Otherwise, the web system that contains the streaming capability can also be used as a website. The benefit of using the COCBN Broadcaster for all web needs is convenience and efficiency. The full web system allows multiple users to have their own login access and there is only one admin interface to update all web platforms (website, mobile app, and streaming).

Support for web technology is excellent as COCBN provides information, training, and support to assist users of church congregations. Entire technology ministries can be developed around the COCBN Broadcaster.


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