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Wednesday, 24 February 2016 05:23

Broadcaster Media System Featured

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The Church of Christ Broadcast Network - COCBN, in association with Internet Ministries, introduces the Broadcaster Media System. This broadcast platform will allow churches to stream services live, on-demand, or continuous play like TV or radio.

The Broadcaster simplifies the process of managing and streaming audio and video content in one player. Features such as custom playlists, live streaming, eCommerce integration, on-demand audio and video, and more makes this system a perfect match for online media ministries.

Audio and video files are managed using a content management system (CMS). This CMS allows the player to be used as either a stand-alone media player or a full blown media website for the church. The player may also be embedded into an existing website.

The Broadcaster was conceived by Hammond Burke of COCBN many years ago even before streaming became popular among churches. Having served a number of churches in areas of web and video technology, Burke designed the Broadcaster Media System to solve many of the challenges faced by churches who desire a presence on the web.

There are many streaming technologies available today. What makes the Broadcaster so unique is that it makes management and delivery of media content easy. Most platforms address certain areas of broadcasting. For instance, some platforms are designed for live streaming. Others are designed for on-demand playback of single videos. Others have the ability to create playlists by writing code. Finally others have the ability to broadcast continuously like TV or radio. The Broadcaster encompasses all of these functionalities in one system.

Churches of Christ that are a part of the COCBN network are also listed in the COCBN directory of Broadcasters. People who frequent COCBN.com can find a church that streams content and watch or listen either through COCBN.com or that church’s website.

Setup of the Broadcaster is quick and COCBN provides excellent support and documentation. The Broadcaster is easy to acquire through COCBN’s only distribution partner, Internet Ministries.

The Broadcaster Media System is connecting the churches to the world. As more people embrace social media, churches are struggling to meet people where they are. COCBN is helping churches do just that by providing technology that is effective and easy to use.

For more information on the Broadcaster Media System, go to http://cocbn.com or http://interenet-ministries.net. 

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